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  You can have this game for a small price: just 19 US$, which includes all the game's version and upgrades for life! For two or more items you have a special price: 14.50 US$ per item! You will be rewarded a bonus coupon code after each purchase to play new online games from the arcade world of Please notice that one license allows to play the game on one computer at a time.

So, if you want to play on two computers (one versus the other), you have to purchase two licenses (29 US$).

After your online payment, a registration e-mail will be sent to the email address you provided, usually within a few minutes (max. 24h). The e-mail contains the game serial number, registration procedure and a link to the latest version available for registered users.

Method #1


   Secure payment service via Regsoft; it accepts online payments with major Credit Cards, PayPal, fax, mail and by phone.

 Click  here  or the button for online processing   Regsoft  or contact them specifying product ID: 79434

Method #2


   Click this buttons to directly order using PayPal:  
   MS 015  - one license of Gammonet


MS 016  - two licenses of Gammonet






Backgammon Max


   One license of  Backgammon Classic 7.1  and two licenses of Gammonet 2.0 now have a special price: just 35 US$.  

 Order using PayPal: MS 017

      Order using Regsoft:   Regsoft ID: 82427

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